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What is Podiatry?

Professional Foot Care (Podiatry – describes the doctrine of the feet) are measures for the prevention of foot diseases and treatment of existing foot problems, mainly in collaboration with the physician.

The training program for podiatrists (protected occupational title), takes place in a 2-year full-time education and ends with a state examination. The podiatrist is an alternative medical and health care professional for the feet. They work as service providers with or without insurance approval. They are the crucial link, between the patient, physician, and orthopedic shoe technicians, to completely support their contribution to the concept”around the foot”. The many activities, preventive and therapeutic measures in orthopedics, dermatology, and pathology, require a funded education. Podiatrists are able to treat high risk patients such as diabetes, rheumatism, and patients with vascular diseases.

The professional foot care can help to prevent foot lesion, which can end in serious damages to the foot or in the worse case, even an amputations.

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