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135 years – a Name in the region

We are a High Performance Company with 40 employees in the field of Orthopedic Shoe Technology; we provide regular training for our employees to keep them up to date with the technology of today. Since 1882 we have emerged as specialist in the field of Orthopedic Shoe Technology from the traditional shoemaking.

As professionals, we develop individual solutions for our patients with orthopedic foot problems by producing custom made orthopedic shoes, Orthosis, Orthotics, and Orthopedic Corrections on shoes. In addition to the Custom-made Products, we also offer over the counter solutions for Medical & Home Healthcare.

Our orthopedic shoe technician work hand-in-hand with the individual physician in order to create an individual concept for the proper orthopedic product to handle all the problems around the feet. Risk groups such as diabetics or patients with arterial occlusive disease, become, in collaboration with our podiatrists the optimal treatment and support. We achieve this through a foot care treatment every 4 weeks and the control of the orthopedic product on a regular basis.

Intensive cooperation with organizations such as doctors, clinics, retirement and nursing facilities, provide the optimum results in the provision of aid products for all patients.

With our competence, expertise, and the latest technology, we provide service to people with foot problems in the regions of Kaiserslautern and Ludwigshafen.

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