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Safety shoes from UVEX

“Schwerdtfeger Protect” – a service for (Industrial and handcraft) companies

Safety shoes are one of the most important assets in the world of safety. There are an abundance of Safety shoes on the market; however, very few of these are made so you can stand and work for 8 -10 hours a day without having back or knee pains. (more…)

FISCH – Fitness in the shoe!

The POWER SPOTS of the sensomotor orthotic activate the entire musculature and improved the motor function the lower extremities through pressure on the sensors under the foot – Optimized movement improves the performance.

Make an appointment for a check with our FISCH treadmill analysis!


Athletes, Diabetic, Rheumatic, and Children … every foot are different and set out to different stains and stresses.
After we take an impression of your feet, we produce your Orthotics to fit you specific needs. Different combinations of materials and manufacturing methods provide optimal comfort and fit in your shoes. (more…)