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The effect of the anti-varus shoes

Anti-varus shoes for correction assurance of adducted feet (Pes Adductus) and children with club-feet

The effect of the anti-varus shoe is based on the well-tried three-points-correction

The posterior foot is held upright by a full length heel cap which prevents torsion effects in the ankle joint during the necessary forefoot correction.

The lateral pressure at the cuboid corresponds to the hypomochlion around which the forefoot is forced into the correction position. That is why the lateral end point of the overlapping heel cap is to be found here.

The third correction point is to be found at the front, medial, on a level with the proximal joint of the big toe. Here the foot is prevented from returning into the defective position.
There is an indication for anti-varus shoes during treatment of walking children with forefoot adduction such as those found with adducted, serpentine or club foot.
The growth guidance is carefully directed by the shaft from and the size overmeasure.

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