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Safety shoes from UVEX

“Schwerdtfeger Protect” – a service for (Industrial and handcraft) companies

Safety shoes are one of the most important assets in the world of safety. There are an abundance of Safety shoes on the market; however, very few of these are made so you can stand and work for 8 -10 hours a day without having back or knee pains.

In our catalog “Schwerdtfeger Protect” we show you the latest safety shoes from UVEX. With the combination of the UVEX safety shoes and custom-made orthotics the company Schwerdtfeger, you and your employees will be able to work without fatigue and a loss of concentration.
The benefits to your business and your workforce.

  • Optimal medical prevention, particularly the health maintenance of the back and joints
  • Individual adjustment of the safety shoes with custom Orthotics or Orthopedic corrections prescribed from a Doctor, to improve the performance for a long day of work
  • You have control over the cost:
    • You select a shoe, the Orthopedic correction from our standard articles, and the safety class according to the policies of your BG -> no surprises when the bill comes
  • Your order, indicating the safety rating, is proof of the compliance of the BG policies for safety shoe for your employees. At the same it also serves as documentation for your Quality Management System
  • Significant reduction of slips, trips, and sprains
  • Improves the well-being and thus the capacity of your employees
  • High acceptance among carriers
  • Long life
  • We offer individual solutions such as size selection with a sample shoe and customization in-house for feet problems
  • Delivery (Free Shipping up the 3rd pair of shoes)

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